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We do things differently! 

  • Look forward, not backwards
  • Don’t wait till year end to find out your financial shape
  • Get a tailored solution to meet your needs that changes as your needs change
  • Let us worry about the admin and tax – virtually, you don’t even need to provide a desk
  • No charges for phone calls or meetings.

Whether, starting a business, growing a business, getting out of a business, or working out where to go next, talk to Pennington Business Services.

You’ll get fresh, honest and practical advice and solutions from experienced, qualified financial professionals – people who understand how businesses work and are committed to excellence, value and helping you to achieve your professional goals.

We can do as much of your admin, budgeting, planning, accounting and tax as you want with tailored solutions to meet all your needs. Monthly meetings and catch ups are incorporated into our packages and you wont pay extra for phone calls and meetings. 

Get on top of your profits and create value for your business or farm. 

Your consultation is completely free – so how about getting in touch right now?

Key areas where you receive benefits from our packages include:


We follow a very simplistic, but thorough approach to business planning to ensure you maximise the benefits of planning to achieve your vision. In a nutshell, our process is as follows:

  • We meet with you to determine your needs
  • Information is collated about your business using proven successful systems that identify key aspects of your vision and goals
  • Key areas are tested and challenged with you and/or your team; and also against external sources of information
  • Once agreement is reached, your vision, goals and strategy are clearly articulated in live documents in a format tailored to suit your style
  • We provide you with the tools for entrenching your strategy within your organisation
  • Tools and processes are provided for follow up and measurement

Business planning is considered an absolutely essential element to business success.


Sometimes in business we have to step back and revisit what we are doing well and what we can do better. This can be a result of a number of factors, including:

  • internal changes that effect the nature of our business
  • exponential growth that is difficult to plan for
  • financial results flattening out
  • a shift from our core business
  • changing environment and life-cycle changes,
  • and other external factors such as changes in Government regulations.

When this occurs, we need to reassess and reload our goals to achieve our vision. There are a number of means and tools we have available to assist our clients including a very basic but extremely effective WOF through to a full organisational review utilising measurement models.


Accounting is a key function of any business. Pennington Consulting provides a number of accounting and administration services to our clients including:

  • Preparation of monthly and annual Financial Statements
  • Financial Commentary regarding the accounts
  • Payroll
  • GST returns
  • Company Start-ups

For as little as $99 per month and dependent on volume, we can prepare and manage your accounting and GST returns.

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Free Business WOF report

For the first five businesses we are offering for free (normal value $975), a WOF whereby we undertake a comprehensive financial review of your key value drivers in your business and compare to industry best practice. We will meet and present our findings and a potential obligation free action plan to increase performance in identified areas. Call us on 06 281 1565 today to arrange a time to meet and discuss your needs.

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Have access to the latest articles and resources required to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and tips to keep your business finely tuned.


Pennington Business Services has a number of tools for providing an idea of value for your business and we will provide a full report on your business value to meet your specific needs. Our reports range from a comprehensive NPV and “what-if” analysis through to simple 3 page report using industry benchmarks.


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