Business WOF

Simple business plan that adds real value... WOF

The Business WOF is a short report that summarises your Aspirations and Goals, compares your key financial data to your industry median and best practice ratios and assesses the alignment between your goals and financial projections. Information gathered from this report includes:






This process can be as simple as a quick review of your organisation utilising information compared to industry best practice and a quick analysis of your business model using internationally renowned tools for determining your strengths and work-ons.

Following this brief review, we will only commence a plan if we can add value to your business.

There are a number of reasons for reviewing our business including:

1.    Internal changes that effect our business
2.    Exponential growth that is difficult to plan for
3.    External changes including Government regulation and economic slow down
4.    Changing environment and industry lifecycles
5.    Movement away from our core business.
6.    Our place in the supply and value chain and competitive pressures

Our business transformation service is guaranteed to provide outcomes that add value!

Click here for a sample WOF template.

Our fee starts as low as $975 (+ GST) for a WOF and we will provide a fixed price quote for any additional work once agreed with you.


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